Let’s configure JMeter with application insights in Azure

Now we can use application insights in Azure to present the results of the JMeter test. There are only a few steps you need to follow in this process.

01. First you need to prepare your JMeter scripts

02. Install Azure backend listener using JMeter plugins Manager:
Options > Plugins Manager (How to install JMeter plugins Manager)

03. Then add backend listener to your thread group

When you add a Backend listener it will visible as follow.

· To connect this listener with applications insights we need Set instrumentation key from the applications insights side

· Under the Backend Listener implementation dropdown there are four options available. For this test, we can select AzureBackendClient option

How to find the instrumentation key from application insights

I. Move to your Azure portal

II. Click on “Create resource” button in above window and search for application insights in following search area and select it

III. Press the “Create” button in the following window

IV. Following window will appear when you press create button.

1. If you already have a resource group, you could select is from the dropdown or you also can create a new resource group as well

2. Under “Instance Details” you can provide a name and select region for the application insights

3. When you press “Review + Create” your application insights instance will be generated, and it is a best practice to add necessary tags in the next step

V. In next window you can see the instrumentation key

This instrumentation key needs to be set in the JMeter Backend listener. After configuring it if you run the JMeter scripts results will be visible here.

By following these simple steps, you can simply configure your JMeter results to be visible in the application insight dashboard

Happy Testing ……!!!

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